2014 Conference Programme

We are assembling a stellar line up of speakers. The conference programme is divided into four sessions and tickets can be purchased for any combination of sessions. We are sorry but tickets for Saturday's session 3 & 4 are now sold out. Exhibition tickets will be available for both days on the door and tickets remain available for Friday's conference.

Conference programme subject to change

Photography by Max Alexander.

Photography by Max Alexander.


Friday, February 7, 2014

Session 1 (morning)


10.00  The Year of the Aurora

Ian Ridpath


10.35  First Step to New Worlds: the Voyager Legacy

Garry Hunt


11.10  Coffee break


11.40  Testing Gravity in the Solar System

Ali Mozaffari, Imperial College London


12.15  Characterising Exoplanets

Giovanna Tinetti, University College London


12.50  Lunch break


Session 2 (afternoon)

14.30  Exploring the Universe near and far: highlights from ESA’s space science programme

Mark McCaughrean, European Space Agency


15.05  Giant Eyepieces That Swallow Spacecraft

Al Nagler, Tele Vue Optics


15.40  Tea break


16.15  Monster Stars

Paul Crowther, University of Sheffield


16.50  In Search of Stone Temples of the Starry Realm

Bill Gutsch, Distinguished Professor of the College of Arts & Sciences, Saint Peter's University


17.30  Conference adjourns


18.00  Exhibition closes


Saturday, February 8, 2014

Session 3 (morning) - Sorry, sold out


10.00  The Chelyabinsk Impact of 2013

Alan Fitzsimmons, Queens University Belfast


10.35  Big Bangs and Black Holes

Carole Mundell, Liverpool John Moores University


11.10  Coffee break


11.40  Curiosity’s adventures in Gale Crater, Mars

Sanjeev Gupta, Imperial College London


12.15  John Wilkins and His Lunar Voyage of 1640

Allan Chapman, Oxford University


12.50  Lunch break


Session 4 (afternoon) - Sorry, sold out

14.30  Great Comets of the Past 50 Years

Rob McNaught

15.05  Astronomy Goes to “Hollywood”:  The Magic of Movie Special Effects

Bill Gutsch, Distinguished Professor of the College of Arts & Sciences, Saint Peter's University


15.40  Tea break


16.15 Solar Max

Lucie Green, University College London

16.50  What Makes the Milky Way Special?

Chris Lintott, University of Oxford


17.30  Conference ends


18.00  Exhibition closes


Conference programme subject to change due to circumstances beyond our control.