Conference Programme

Friday 3rd Morning

10:00amSupernovae, sky surveys and the Vera Rubin telescope
Stephen Smart
Jupiter and the JUICE mission
Michelle Dougherty
The DART asteroid impact mission
Sabina Raducan
When galaxies were born
Richard Ellis

Friday 3rd Afternoon

2:40pmWebb and the most distant galaxies in the Universe
Emma Curtis-Lake
3:10pmUrban Astronomy
Abby Beall
4:35pmAllan Chapman’s greatest astronomers in history
Allan Chapman
Olivia Smedley

Saturday 4th Morning

10:00am    Hera and the science of asteroid deflection
Sabina Raducan
10:30amStudying the Sun with Solar Orbiter
Miho Janvier
11:40amGaia: Mapping our galaxy from space
Michael Perryman
12:10pmThe James Webb Space Telescope: from first light to new planets
Mark McCaughrean

Saturday 4th Afternoon

2:40pm        Who’s afraid of the bubbling broth? The mystery of the cosmological constant
Tony Padilla
3:10pm  Patrick Moore in the Sun
Introduced by Sir Brian May
4:35pm  Comets and Comet Interceptor
Geraint Jones
5:10pm  Drawing inspiration from the Moon
Will Gater