4.35pm Saturday 3rd February 2024

Sandrine Roux is the SKA Observatory’s Project Controls Manager, part of the team coordinating the international effort to build the SKA radio telescopes in Australia and South Africa. She is based at the Observatory’s Global HQ in Cheshire, UK. A mechanical engineer by training and with two master’s degrees in aerospace engineering, prior to joining the SKAO Sandrine worked for over 20 years in the French automotive and space industries. She is passionate about astronomy, and says: “I am lucky to participate in this amazing experience and am putting all my enthusiasm and skills into my work at the SKAO.”Sandrine leads a team that ensures SKA telescope construction proceeds on track, including managing risk across the huge international project, and helping to keep delivery of the telescopes on schedule. Outside work, Sandrine is a keen swimmer and hiker, loves motorbikes and Formula 1, and plays the accordion and viola.

New eyes on the universe: the Square Kilometre Array

From its headquarters at the Jodrell Bank Observatory in Cheshire, the SKA Observatory, a new international body dedicated to advancing radio astronomy, is currently overseeing the construction of two new huge telescopes built to revolutionise our view of the Universe at radio wavelengths. Due to come online before the end of the decade, the SKA telescopes – one in Australia, and one in South Africa – will be used by thousands of astronomers world-wide to map the distribution of galaxies in the Universe, study radio bursts, pulsars and gravitational waves and improve our understanding of physics. The project represents a huge technological and scientific challenge on a global scale, bringing together no fewer than 16 countries to design, develop, build, and assemble all the components and software required to realise this ambition.

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