Amateur Astronomy: The art of urban astronomy


I work for New Scientist magazine as a features editor for physics and technology. In 2021 I spent six months as science and technology editor for The Conversation UK, and before that, I spent four years working as a freelance science, technology and environment journalist. My work has been published in both print and online publications including BBC Future, WIRED UK, New Scientist, BBC Science Focus, VICE UK, and many more. In 2019 I wrote the book The Art of Urban Astronomy, published by Trapeze Books, and I regularly write/talk about stargazing, in both magazine columns and on local radio stations.  I’ve co-written three popular science books for Dorling Kindersley. I have a physics (MPhys) degree from Durham University and a Science Journalism MA from City University, London. 

Amateur Astronomy:
The art of urban astronomy

In this talk, based on Abby’s book, The Art of Urban Astronomy, you will be guided through the seasons and learn about the brightest stars and constellations, the myths and legends of astronomy and how to identify star clusters and galaxies with just your eyes or a pair of binoculars. For urban dwellers wrapped up in the rush and bustle of the city, it can be calming and truly valuable to take the time simply to stop, look and reconnect with nature.