Raman Prinja

Raman Prinja is Professor of Astrophysics and Head of the Physics and Astronomy Department at University College London (UCL). His main research interests are in the multi-waveband studies of the evolution and properties of the massive stars in our Galaxy. He is a multiple winner of the UCL Faculty and Department teaching awards. Beyond research and teaching, Raman is keen to promote astronomy to wider audiences, and has written several successful Outreach-level books, including the award winning titles ‘Science Crazy’ ‘Night Sky Watcher’, and ‘Planetarium’ (2019 AIP and 2019 Royal Society book Prize winner).

Doomed massive stars
Friday 31st January 2020: Session One

Professor Raman Prinja (UCL) will describe the dynamic and active nature of the most massive stars in our Galaxy. The talk will outline the pivotal role of outflows via stellar winds, episodic shell ejections and supernova detonations as a fundamental characteristic in the life-cycle of these behemoths of the stellar zoo. The journey will also highlight the the dispersal of life-giving chemical elements, and how the structure of galaxies is impacted by stellar outflows on the largest scales.

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