Christopher Newman

Professor Christopher Newman, BA(Hons), PhD is Professor of Space Law and policy at Northumbria University in Newcastle. He has been active in the teaching and research of space law for over two decades and has published extensively on the legal and ethical underpinnings of space governance. He has published numerous articles on space law, in particular the interaction of regulation, law and policy in the space industry. He has co-written the book “Frontiers of Risk in Space on the variety of risks involved in human space activity. He is a member of the International Institute of Space Law and spoke at the 2017 UK Space Conference in Manchester. He is a member of the British Interplanetary Society and contributed to their celebration of the fiftieth anniversary of the Outer Space Treaty. He has recently worked with a consortium of space operators writing a report for the UK Space Agency, horizon scanning changes to the orbital environment over the next 25 years.

Who owns the Moon?
Friday 31st January 2020: Session Two

Do you fancy prospecting for rare and precious minerals on the moon one day? Assuming you could get there and actually start prospecting, would it be legal. In this discussion “Who owns the Moon” Professor Christopher Newman from Northumbria University in Newcastle, will look at the legal position in outer space as private companies are seeking investment to mine asteroids and develop a permanent human presence on the Moon. Despite the formidable technical and engineering challenges facing such ventures, Professor Newman will look at the more prosaic issues regarding the rules and regulations for mining in space. As humanity moves away from low earth orbit, the existing laws governing space activity will come under increasing scrutiny. If space mining and colonization provide the rich resources that they promise, a robust legal framework will be needed. Otherwise the dream of space entrepreneurs could become mired in conflict and litigation.

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