Chris Lee

Chris graduated from the University of Leicester in 1980 with a Master’s in Space Science. From here he joined the UK space industry and took design and leadership roles on many space missions, including Hubble, Giotto, Envisat, Beagle 2 and ExoMars. In 2014 he joined the newly formed UK Space Agency as its first Head of International Space Policy and initiated several international space partnerships. In 2018 Chris was appointed Chief Scientist where he now coordinates the Agency science agenda and leads its space science portfolio. He is a Fellow of the Royal Astronomical Society and the British Astronomical Association and an active member of his local astronomical society in Bristol.

The UK space science programme – an insider’s perspective
Friday 31st January 2020: Session One

We are living in a Golden Age of European Space Science, with European Space Agency missions such as Gaia and Rosetta providing outstanding new knowledge and future missions such as Solar Orbiter set to grab the headlines over the next few years. However behind these headlines often lies a UK story of technology, engineering and importantly the scientists who lead them. Chris has a unique insight into these programmes and will therefore describe UK ambitions behind European space science missions set to launch in the new decade.

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