Paul Abel

Paul Abel is a theoretical physicist at the University of Leicester where he is based in the department of physics and astronomy. His current research areas are concerned with black holes and wormholes, in particular Hawking radiation and Quantum Field Theory in curved spacetimes.  Paul is a very keen visual amateur astronomer who largely observes the Moon and planets and prefers to draw them rather than image them. He also does some regular variable star work too and frequently observes the stars SS Cyg and chi Cyg.  Paul is also known for his role in promoting amateur astronomy on the BBC’s The Sky at Night with the late Sir Patrick Moore, and in other works on radio, television and theatre. He has written a number of books along with many articles on astronomy for popular magazines. 

Visual observation of the planets
Saturday 9th February 2019: Session Three

It might seem like amateur astronomy is dominated by large telescopes and expensive hardware, but in fact there is still plenty for the visual observer to do! Visual observations of the planets is a worthwhile pursuit regardless of your size of telescope. In recent years there has been an increase in the number of people interested in visual work. You don’t need to be a brilliant artist, nor do you need expensive kit to make a start. In this talk Paul will look at a number of simple observations that can be made of the planets in the Solar System.

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