Discover a new dimension to the Moon landings at European AstroFest

At European AstroFest 2019 we invite you to follow in the footsteps of the Apollo astronauts and explore the Moon as they saw it with their own eyes. The lunar surface might look like a flat and grey place, but in a stunning 3-D presentation, Dr Brian May and David J. Eicher will bring it to life as you’ve never seen it before.

Photo: Paul Harmer.

This unique celebration of the 50th anniversary of the first lunar landing will take place on the afternoon of Friday 8th February in the European AstroFest conference hall, using a state-of-the-art 3-D projection system.

Brian May, Queen guitarist, astrophysicist, a collector and publisher of stereoscopic photography, and a founder of the modern-day London Stereoscopic Company, joined forces with David J. Eicher, Editor of Astronomy magazine, to tell the story of the space race for the first time in stereo (3-D). Their new book, Mission Moon 3-D, presents the largest-ever collection of stereo photos from the Apollo programme, with over 150 unique views.

Special stereo viewing glasses will bring to life the story of the space race for European AstroFest conference attendees. Photo: Max Alexander.

The book is accompanied by a Lite OWL hand-held stereoscopic viewer, designed by Brian May,  which takes readers beyond the pages of the book on a journey to the Moon and back. Legendary Apollo astronaut, Charlie Duke, says, “the experience is as close to being there on the Moon’s surface as it’s possible to get for Earth-bound creatures like us.”

The Mission Moon 3-D book will be available for purchase from the London Stereoscopic Company stand in the exhibition area of the show. Find out more about the book on the official Mission Moon 3-D website and on Instagram.

European AstroFest, in its 27th year, is organised by Astronomy Now, the UK’s biggest and longest running monthly astronomy magazine

Conference passes to attend the Mission Moon 3-D presentation can be booked online by visiting the Astronomy Now Shop