What Makes the Milky Way Special?

What makes the Milky Way special

We are on the verge of finally getting to know our celestial neighborhood. New missions such as Gaia and Fermi are poised to reveal the Milky Way’s past, present and perhaps future, and so it seems an excellent time to ask whether there’s anything really special about our home galaxy. In this talk, Chris Lintott will draw on cutting-edge research and results from his own Galaxy Zoo project to compare the Milky Way to the other galaxies which surround us, and ask whether we’re living in a special time in its history. For starters, it seems there’s something odd about the black hole that lurks in the centre of the Milky Way…

Chris Lintott

About Chris Lintott

Chris Lintott is a researcher at the University of Oxford, where he works on galaxy formation and evolution while occasionally getting sidetracked by the search for extrasolar planets. As principal investigator of Zooniverse.org, he runs the team that have helped more than half a million people discover and classify galaxies, star clusters and planets through the web. He is best known as co-presenter of the BBC’s Sky at Night, and is also a regular guest on Stargazing Live. A regular columnist for the Times and Sky at Night magazine, he was coauthor with Patrick Moore and Brian May of ‘Bang’ and ‘The Cosmic Tourist’, which between them have sold more than 200,000 copies. He would like to sleep more.