The Rosetta Adventure

The Rosetta adventure

A description of the Rosetta mission and its science ambitions will be given, highlighting the most challenging and exciting events of the past year – including the Philae landing and some details of how these operations were performed. Some recent science highlights and plans for the near future will be discussed.


About Fred Jansen

Fred Jansen studied astrophysics at Amsterdam University, where he participated in a Leiden/MIT programme to use X-ray detectors on high-altitude balloons to observe the Universe. He got his PhD at Leiden University in 1988 with his thesis on X-ray observations of supernovae remnants and then worked on the development of one of the instruments for the XMM-Newton observatory. In 1995 he joined the European Space Agency where at various times he has held the roles of project scientist and mission manager for XMM-Newton, mission manager for the Mars Express and Venus Express missions and interim project scientist for the Gaia mission. Fred became Rosetta’s mission manager in 2013.