Solar Max

Solax Max

There has been much comment and speculation in the media about the Sun's activity levels. The current cycle (cycle 24) began after a very long and deep minimum phase, leading to several downward revisions to the solar cycle predictions. The timing of the cycle maximum was also pushed further ahead in time and thoughts started to turn toward a long-term decline in solar activity with the possibility of the Sun entering another Maunder Minimum state. This talk looks at where we are in the current solar cycle and looks ahead to what we might expect from the Sun in the coming years.


Lucie Green

About Lucie Green

Lucie Green received her PhD in solar physics at University College London’s Mullard Space Science Laboratory where she is now a Leverhulme Research Fellow. She spends most of here time studying activity in the Sun’s atmosphere, particularly coronal mass ejections. Her passion for making science accessible to everyone led to her being awarded the Royal Society’s Kohn Award for excellence in public engagement with science in 2009. Lucie regularly presents the latest space science results on radio and TV, including the BBC’s The Sky at Night.