How to leave the planet

SATURDAY, 10 February
session three
How to leave the planet

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For almost all human history we’ve been firmly rooted to the Earth. And, sure, it’s got some good things going for it: nice views, friendly inhabitants, good coffee. Air. But what if you want to get off? Whether you’ve got itchy feet and need a bit of a break, or you’re looking for a complete change of scene, this talk has all the information you’ll need to leave. Do I need a passport? How do I know if I have the right stuff? Can I take my dog? What space suit do I need? Where am I going to go? This is a talk for anyone who has looked up in wonder at the stars. And then wondered how to get there.



Dallas Campbell is a broadcaster who presents some of television’s most popular factual programmes: The Gadget Show, Bang Goes the Theory, The Sky at Night and Stargazing Live. His documentaries, which include Supersized Earth, the aviation series City in the Sky, and Britain Beneath Your Feet, reveal the awesome scale and wonder of our man-made world. Over the years he’s given audiences a unique backstage pass to some of the planet’s most extraordinary stories, people, and locations. For Dallas, science isn’t a subject. It’s an adventure. He has a lifelong passion for understanding how the world works and for exploring our relationship with science, technology and engineering – past, present and future.


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