Giant Eyepieces That Swallow Spacecraft

Giant Eyepieces That Swallow Spacecraft

Al’s talk covers his early telescope making projects, 50-plus years of attending Stellafane (the historic amateur telescope maker’s convention in Vermont), and his Farrand Optical career experiences designing the NASA project-Gemini and Apollo-LEM visual simulators for astronaut training. Al will describe how they work and how, years later, the simulator views inspired him to develop the Nagler eyepiece, whose optical concept was derived from working on complex optical probes used for landing simulation.


Al Nagler

About Al Nagler

Al Nagler is an optical designer best known for his innovative wide-field eyepieces and versatile, compact refractors. He also designed visual displays for the Gemini and Apollo Lunar Module simulators. Al became fascinated with astronomy after visiting New York’s Hayden Planetarium. After attending the internationally recognized Bronx High School of Science, where his eight-inch reflector earned him an industrial arts award in 1953, he began a career at Farrand Optical Co. This led to a lifetime of amateur astronomy activities and the eventual founding of Tele Vue Optics in 1977. Tele Vue Optics is a company of fellow astronomy enthusiasts dedicated to enhancing the observing experience of amateurs worldwide.

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