Conference 2016


The speakers for the 2017 conference programme will appear here later. The programme for 2016 appears below.


THE 2016 Conference Programme


Friday, February 5, 2016

Session 1 (morning) - SOLD OUT

10:00 am:  When Galaxies Collide

Megan Argo, Jodrell Bank Centre for Astrophysics


10:35 am: Twinkle - A Mission to Unravel the Story of Planets in Our Galaxy

Marcell Tessenyi, University College London


11:10 am: Coffee Break


11:40am: Smoking supernovae as cosmic dust factories

Haley Gomez, Cardiff University


12:15pm: Rosetta: Living with a Comet

Matt Taylor, European Space Agency


12:50pm: Starmus: Tribute to Stephen Hawking, Beyond the horizon

Professor Garik Israelian, the founder of the Starmus festival, will be joined by other Starmus participants, including Professor Brian Cox, to present details of this year's event.


1:00pm: Lunch Break and Brian May book signing


Session 2 (afternoon)  - SOLD OUT

2:30pm: Higgs in Space? Particle physics amongst the stars

Tom Whyntie, University of London


3:05pm Observing Highlights for 2016

Pete Lawrence


3:40 pm Tea Break


4:15pm New Horizons:  The Long Road To Pluto

John Spencer,  Department of Space Studies, Southwest Research Institute


4:50pm: A history of astro stereo photography – illustrated with full screen 3-D projection

Brian May, London Stereoscopic Company


5:45 pm Conference Adjorns


6:00 pm Exhibition Closes


Saturday, February 6, 2016 - SOLD OUT

Session 3 (morning)

9:00 am: Exhibition opens


10:00 am: ESA Science Missions in 2016

Mark McCaughrean, European Space Agency


10:35 am: Taking the Hit - Asteroid Impact Scenarios

Debbie Lewis, Axiom (Alderney) Limited


11:10 am: Coffee Break


11:40 am: The Gravitational Universe

 Michèle Heurs, Max Planck


12:15 pm: Light Waves, Lunar Geology, and Chemical Comets: Robert Hooke, the First ‘Laboratory Astronomer’

Allan Chapman, Oxford University


12:50 am: Lunch Break


Session 4 (afternoon) - SOLD OUT

2:30 pm: Does Dark Matter Exist

Andrew Pontzen, University College London


3:05 pm: The Making of a Solar Eclipse Mega Movie

Hugh Hudson, University of Glasgow


3:40 pm Tea Break


4:15 pm: What Makes a Habitable Planet?

Lewis Dartnell, University of Kent


4:50 pm: New Horizons: Pluto Revealed

John Spencer,  Department of Space Studies, Southwest Research Institute


5:30 pm Conference ends


6:00 pm Exhibition Closes


Chairing the conference: Dr Stuart Clark and Professor Lucie Green