A brief history of Stephen Hawking

A brief history of Stephen Hawking

Lucy Hawking’s talk will take us on a journey, part personal, part scientific, to explore the history of her life with her physicist father, Stephen, set against the backdrop of the extraordinary cosmic reality of the Universe. As we travel across the known Universe, Lucy will also discuss reflections on growing up with a genius, living with a profoundly disabled parent and the impact of fame on family life. This unique look at the discoveries of modern physics framed as an adventure story about growing up in a Cambridge academic family is entertaining and accessible for all ages and abilities.


About Lucy Hawking

Lucy Hawking studied French and Russian at Oxford University and then worked as a journalist. She is the creator and author of the George series of adventure stories which aim to explain physics, astronomy and cosmology to a young audience. In 2008 she won the Sapio Prize for Popularizing Science. In 2010, Lucy was the Inaugural Writer in Residence at the Origins Project at Arizona State University. There she worked with local schools, taught creative writing and organized the popular and now-imitated Dear Aliens competition which asked school-age students to write to an intelligent alien life form, describing planet Earth.

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